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Why Attend SHOP.ORG is the annual ecommerce conference for digital retail thinkers and doers! We've created a new immersive experience that blends insightful and actionable educational content, an easily navigable EXPO floor full of futuristic tech solutions and engaging new ways to expand your professional network. Register now and get access to:

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Hear about the future of digital and how the retail industry will continue transform from the guy who predicted Amazon would buy Whole Foods before it happened.

Edgy, provocative and bold, Scott Galloway is the business professor you wish you had. He’s the founder of digital intelligence firm L2 and professor at NYU Stern School of Business who knows what it takes to win in the digital age.


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Fast Company Takeover has partnered with Fast Company, the world's leading business media brand,
to provide a unique series of sessions focused on innovation.

The Fast Company series will include sessions on:

Digitally driven turnarounds

Innovating on the customer experience

The next wave of
retail tech



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