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About is the annual e-commerce conference that delivers insights into the future of digital retail, and demonstrates how they’re applicable in today’s marketplace.

It’s hosted by the National Retail Federation, the world’s largest retail trade association and the leader in fostering a strong digital community with a particular focus on networking opportunities with industry peers. The community is made up of exclusive networking groups and committees that lead the global conversation surrounding innovation in e-commerce.

This is your opportunity to connect with thousands of the industry’s brightest minds and learn the trends, techniques and technologies to improve ROI and increase profitability. For those in retail e-commerce who want to have an immediate positive effect on their company’s bottom line, this is an event that can’t be missed!



Get access to everything

Our revamped layout integrates our content stages with exhibitor booths, making it easy to get actionable insights from speakers and find the technology to help you make these takeaways a reality.

Appointments with vendors

NRF ENGAGE will help retailers find vendors faster so everyone can spend less time searching and more time building solutions to common challenges.

Experience Transformational Technology

The new INNOVATION LAB is an entire section of the floor dedicated to futuristic products and technologies that inspire brands to innovate and customers to buy.

Easily find solutions

No more searching the EXPO looking for those you want to meet with – exhibitors are now divided by product category to help you focus on the solutions you need.

Live product demos

Our TECH TALKS are in open theaters where exhibitors will offer quick 15 minute demos of their products and services. No pressure, just informative demos. Come and go as you please.

Watch live podcasts

The PODCAST STUDIO features well-known industry speakers who specialize in the field of fashion, digital and technology. Shows will feature interviews with speakers, tech innovators and retail experts.

Curated EXPO Tours

Sign up for themed tours that help attendees focus on specific sets of products and technologies available from our exhibitors.

Inspiring Stories and Candid Takeaways

Our educational sessions feature top retail brands and industry thought leaders discussing changes within their companies, new ways to find and engage customers, and how to problem-solve with a digital mindset.

Be Part of the Digital Community has hours of unique networking events so you can find people that do what you do, discuss common challenges and share solutions.