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Booth # 839
San Mateo, CA
United States

ShopRunner connects retailers to millions of the most valuable online shoppers. These consumers are among the most active online shoppers, making purchases more frequently and buying more products than other customers. More than 100 of the best-in-class retailers including Neiman Marcus, Brooks Brothers, Toys R Us, Newegg and GNC have made ShopRunner their “go-to” customer acquisition partner for these high value shoppers.

Shoppers love ShopRunner because they receive the following benefits across desktop and mobile channels:

Free 2-day shipping
Free and easy return shipping
Express checkout
Exclusive members-only offers and access
ShopRunner delivers millions of new customers to our retail network every year. With higher frequency and average order value, our retail partners see higher spend per new customer with ShopRunner than other acquisition channels.

Stop by our booth to find out how ShopRunner can help your e-commerce business succeed.