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To help make sense of the vast world of online retailing, our research zeros in on these seven key areas. From marketing to mobile to global expansion, find the research, insights and data that will help you get to where you want to be.

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Consumers are at the heart of everything retailers do, but are also a moving target. Use these resources to arm your organization with the research and information you need to engage your customers, secure sales, foster loyalty and grow your business.

New technology and rapidly evolving consumer behaviors are creating new opportunities for retailers to engage with customers across multiple channels. Check out these resources for research, insights, best practices and other retail marketing tools.

We know how important the holiday season is for retailers, so we’ve gathered plenty of resources to help you plan for your busiest time of year. Find expert insights, research and best practices for Holiday success right here.

With more platforms and growing customer expectations, online merchandising is becoming an increasingly complex area. Browse our resources for information on how to improve site design, keep customers engaged and boost conversion rates.

Mobile and social are changing the game for retailers, and their impact continues to grow. From smartphones to tablets to social sharing, use these resources to stay up to date on the latest ways mobile and social are evolving our world.

More and more organizations are discovering success by breaking down the walls between channels. Discover the latest insights on creating seamless customer experiences across multiple touch points.

Emerging online markets around the world present a huge opportunity for retailers that want to diversify their revenues with online sales to customers abroad. While the prospects are promising, retailers must first do their homework. Check out the resources below for more insights on global expansion.