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Kate Ancketill


CEO and Founder
GDR Creative Intelligence
GDR Creative Intelligence is a London and New York based retail trend consultancy, delivering the insight that unlocks and empowers innovation. Kate founded GDR in 2000. She works with researchers, insight professionals and consultants to generate highly curated storylines on innovation within
global retail and hospitality, with a short to medium term focus.

GDR is the trend partner to around 35 of the world’s largest consumer brands, so every presentation she gives contains ideas that have been stress-tested at the coal face, often at board level. She is particularly interested in helping clients prepare for the challenge of the fourth industrial revolution and the era of automation; what this means for consumers, and how it will change the retail and hospitality landscape.
Kate’s audiences take away concrete action points for future-proofing their business, a broad perspective on priorities for investment and a mind fizzing with cutting-edge, stimulating and challenging possibilities.