In the Eyes of the Customer: The Value of Eye Tracking, Card Sorting and Objective Usability Testing

This webinar is open to: members only.
Event Date: Apr 30 2013 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm
Bernardine Wu, Founder and CEO, FitForCommerce
Mark Friedman, President, eCommerce, Steve Madden
Bryon Colby, SVP, Digital Commerce, Cornerstone Brands

Wondering why your call-to-action is rarely clicked on? Why that landing page you worked oh so hard on isn't producing the intended action/results? These questions are asked everyday by retailers and many times, analytics and surveys alone can't explain why. For many retailers, eye tracking and other usability tests are the solutions. A great (and fairly new) method called "Eye Tracking" helps retailers step inside the minds of their customers and literally see what they are seeing. The value of eye tracking is that the data it produces is objective (we all love objective) and allows you to see what parts of the page your customers are actually looking and what they are ignoring (most times unintended). Card sorting is another method often used in objective usability testing. Card sorting helps determine how users within a specific target group naturally categorize products and categories. Join us for this members-only webinar as we dive into case studies intended to help you understand the different uses of eye tracking, the process behind it, and how utilizing eye tracking and other usability tests help retailers understand the positives and negatives of their site design.