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Booth # SZ34
Austin, TX
United States

Adia connects employers and jobseekers in the retail, e-commerce, hospitality, and experiential marketing industries in a single easy to use app.

Recruiting and managing temps doesn’t have to be complicated. With Adia, you can easily hire and chat with new staff, plan shifts, issue contracts and approve timesheets all from a single platform.

Our mobile app seamlessly matches hourly workers to your jobs using artificial intelligence while enabling you to make data-based decisions with respect to your hourly workforce.

Adia’s algorithm matches jobs to workers based on skills, level of experience, proximity to the place of work as well as the job seeker’s real-time availability. With features like Smart Booking, data driven reminders, no-show prevention, a next-in-line pool and the Adia Hiring Bot, Adia is the best way to schedule, manage & optimize the way you staff your business.