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IceCream Labs Inc


IceCream Labs Inc
IceCream Labs Inc
Booth # 2003
San Francisco, CA
United States

Our solutions improve a user’s visual experience to ensure immediate response and engagement.  With our People, Products and Places solution our goal is to deliver not just a  better experience but also enable their interactions but also influence future decision making that can translate to actual revenue streams.

Aided with our visual intelligence solution we aim to achieve the right outcome with absolute precision.  Our systems (patent pending) hep you not just track but also provides a medium for you to assess and process all this data in real time.

Intelligent Merchandiser for Commerce:

Catalog cleansing impacts your business.  Beyond cleansing our intelligent merchandiser actually helps enrich your catalog with real time analysis and product data. Our solutions comes with attribute normalization and standardization that can help remove uncertainty in  your users and even reduce returns.  Aided with our proprietary in house model farms catalog and category managers can easily gain insights and performance metrics in real time.