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Booth # IL35
Minneapolis, MN
United States

Inspectorio is the cognitive quality and compliance platform empowering a transparency network.

Inspectorio’s unmatched quality inspection and compliance verification Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform delivers unparalleled efficiency, transparency and accuracy.

Our network dynamic leverages cognitive computing to increase collaboration and connectivity between key stakeholders, developing algorithms for automation and empowering organizations to build a digital ecosystem around their global supply chain.

We feature real-time data sharing, predictive-recommended action plans, defect prediction algorithm, risk assessment, compliance verification, adaptive inspection process, real-time supervision of inspection execution, process automation, customizable workflows, corrective action plans, location-based action plans and automated sustainability assessments.

These features create continuous and mutual value, operational efficiency and increase return on innovation.

Trusted by major retailers and brands, Inspectorio accelerates the transition of forward-thinking organizations to an interconnected supply chain.