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Booth # IL20
United Kingdom

MishiPay’s innovative solution allows retailers to offer an industry-leading customer experience using mobile self-checkout. With MishiPay, shoppers can simply scan, pay and leave without ever having to wait in a queue:

  1. Scan: The customer can pick up the item they like in a shop and scan it to cart with their smartphone. This brings up all the useful product information customers would expect when shopping online.
  2. Pay: They now have the option to tap a ‘Pay now’ button, in app using existing pay wallets. 
  3. Leave: Paying automatically disables the security tag on the product, so the customer is free to walk out of the store with absolutely no hassle.

Watch it in action:

Because MishiPay’s software utilises existing technology and hardware, it is available to retailers at a fraction of the cost of bespoke ‘cashier-less’ solutions. It integrates seamlessly into retailers’ payment infrastructure, utilises existing RFID tags and security systems and can be white-labelled to the retailer’s brand, so by harnessing the smartphone technology that 83% of customers already carry when shopping.