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Amazing Things Happen When The Right People Connect

In the future, businesses won't just sell products and services. They'll provide seamless solutions to their clients, on a simple communication interface.

Beyond conversational commerce, the TABLE Retail App allows Retailers to provide seamless clienteling and total service solutions to their customers across stores, mobile, and web.
1. Setup Crews and Agents: Easily set up, manage and measure internal and external service crews to meet the needs of your customers throughout the customer journey (ex. Customer Support, Product Advice, Design, Installation, Technical Support, etc.)

2. Allow Collaboration: Provide a simple collaboration interface along the entire journey where customers can connect with agents and invite others leveraging chat, file-sharing, media, product lists, voice and video conference calls, and adding items to cart. 

3. Connect Customers With Agents: Manage how customers connect with the right agents and get help depending on their need; synchronously, asynchronously, via appointment flows, and our AI-powered concierge.

Products & Services Categories: Click to Chat, Live Chat, Video, Artificial Intelligence, Clienteling