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Booth # SZ22
Chicago, IL
United States

Tangiblee is an eCommerce software service that optimizes the product experience at the most crucial step in the customer's journey to purchase - specifically on the product detail page. Tangiblee is a Zero-Integration, enterprise-grade service that uses a retailer's existing product imagery & content and transforms every SKU into an interactive, contextual experience. Mobile, Tablet, & Desktop ready, this enhanced product experience enables consumers to make a confident decision about the product – as if they were trying on the item in-store, helping answer their most important final questions such as: "How will this item fit on me? or "Will this item fit my needs or environment?" or "How does this item compare to other items I'm considering?". By offering a visual, personalized experience to address these final barriers, online shoppers gain the details they need while instilling a confidence they want in making their decision to Add To Cart. Tangiblee's online retail partners have experienced signficant positive impact to onsite conversions, revenue per visitor, average order values, & more. Confident shoppers convert more, spend more & return fewer items.