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TokyWoky is the first shopper-to-shopper chat system for ecommerce and brand websites.

By getting online shoppers to help each other, we allow leading online retailers in Europe, North America, and Asia to:

  • build their community of ambassadors
  • help 5 to 10 times more visitors onsite
  • spot conversion hold-ups and improvements by analysing customer conversations.


According to the ECHO research center, online retailers are losing between 12 and 15% of online sales because shoppers cannot find the help they need on site. It is, in fact, very diffciult for online shops to find the resources to provide 24/7 live help.

We created TokyWoky because we found that by letting shoppers talk to each other using a shopper-to-shopper live chat, brands can provide 24/7 live help on site.

TokyWoky's method is based on three steps:

  • we let customers interact with each other in a controlled chat environment
  • we add a layer of gamification to spot and engage the best answerers
  • we then take these ambassadors to a dedicated community platform

Customer communities start off answering shoppers but soon work on larger projects like creating visual/SEO content, co-creation, reviews, etc...