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True Fit
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Boston, MA
United States
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True Fit is a data-driven personalization platform for footwear and apparel retailers. True Fit hosts the industry’s most comprehensive data collective in the nearly $2 trillion global apparel and footwear industry – the largest consumer vertical – by connecting manufacturing design data from thousands of leading apparel and footwear brands, anonymized consumer order data from hundreds of top retailers, and personal preference data from tens of millions of registered True Fit users. Using advanced AI technology, True Fit maps the detailed style, fit, and technical attributes from clothes and shoes to the detailed preferences of millions of individual shoppers. This allows retailers and brands to provide consumers with unparalleled personalization via software-as-a-service, including personal style rankings, fit ratings, size recommendations, fit details, and merchandising analytics. Follow us on LinkedInFacebookYouTube, and @TrueFit on Twitter.