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A partnership that unleashes the power of retail

With so many retailers forming unexpected partnerships (like Google and Walmart) to better serve their customers, it was only natural that would partner with Fast Company, the world’s leading progressive business media brand, to bring you mind-blowing insights into the future of retail.


Thursday, September 13

With AI assistants rapidly becoming a ubiquitous part of American home life, consumers now expect brands to predict their wants and needs while seamlessly integrating into their everyday lives. But consumer expectations and preferences vary greatly by demographic, geography, and career field. How can we harness this new wave of consumer data to create intuitive shopping experiences that evolve with the consumer journey?

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Global Business Development Head, JD Fashion,

Some of the most successful and buzzy recent collaborations in retail involved brands successfully combining distinct points of view. The upside is obvious — these collaborations allow brands with a similar ethos and a willingness to experiment the opportunity to tap into a consumer base they might not otherwise have access to, surely not as organically. But what might not be as second-nature is how brands identify their best industry crossover, and from there, the right brands to approach.

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 Founder & CEO,
Zuckerberg Media

The most successful brands of today are actively cultivating a community of consumers. The ultimate “super-consumers” go beyond the typical evangelist, becoming co-creators who build on existing products, inspire new ones, and establish dynamic communities—all of which deepen their relationship with the brand. We’ll take a look at how giving consumers a stake in brand equity and creativity can lead to explosive growth and innovation.

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 SVP Marketing,