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Global E-commerce Leaders Forum


In partnership with the Global eCommerce Leaders Forum (GELF), this half-day program explores how the global growth of ecommerce/mobile is impacting the incumbent, regional sales and distribution partners of retailers and brands selling internationally. You'll examine new partners and platforms vying for this business and the innovative technologies and go-to-market practices disrupting traditional models.

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Wednesday, September 12

9:00 - 9:30am

GELF’s co-founders welcome the audience with an overview of key global ecommerce trends that frame the program. New quantitative research on international ecommerce growth provides cross-border growth benchmarks on the latest global expansion models. Qualitative insights from the GELF/NRF ecommerce executive study illustrates how digital will drive future global sales & distribution strategies.
, Co-Founder
, Co-Founder
, Co-Founder

9:30 - 10:00am

GELF is pleased to welcome two long-time friends, Suzanne Miglucci, CEO of sustainable jewelry brand Charles and Colvard and Kevin Ertell, Global Digital Business Lead - Running at Nike and chairman of 

Drawing from their decades of ecommerce leadership, Kevin will speak to how digital commerce is transforming Nike’s global retail sales and distribution models.  Suzanne brings a contrasting POV by detailing how cross-border ecommerce and marketplace channels are helping her team build a brand and grow global sales. 

We'll explore how leading global brands prioritize markets, work with global distribution partners and localize digital touchpoints to engage and sell to shoppers in different regions.  Suzanne and Kevin will also share insights about how brands can best deliver their stories globally by balancing international expansion and brand management responsibilities between corporate and local teams.

, Co-Founder
, Co-Founder
, Chairman, Board
, Global Digital Business Lead - Running, Nike, Inc.
, President and CEO
, Charles & Colvard

10:00 - 10:30am

Retail brands are investing in direct-to-consumer (DTC) ecommerce operations and marketplace selling while also helping traditional distributors, franchisees and retail partners grow ecommerce and omnichannel sales to meet aggressive goals of doubling or tripling digital sales globally.

Our executive keynote panel examines this delicate balancing act, given that the digital sophistication of traditional global distributors, wholesalers and international retail partners is mixed. Complicating matters is the rise of marketplace titans like Amazon and Alibaba and global/digital-first “New Retail” plays threatening to disrupt incumbent go-to-market partners.

Panelists will share insights on mapping customer experience enhancements to different customer journeys around the globe and adjusting their digital marketing mix accordingly. We’ll dive into how global brands and their digital partners navigate growing friction surrounding customer data ownership as they strive to localize and personalize communications on a global basis.

, Head of Digital + Technology
, Biossance
, Sr. Marketing Manager, Global Paid Media
, Arrow Electronics
, VP, Global DEM, Data Strategy, eCommerce
, Boardriders
, SVP, Global Ecommerce
, FAMBrands

10:30 - 10:45am

10:45 - 11:15am

Building a successful international ecommerce strategy requires executing locally on the global ecommerce plan. Gain insights and tips from experts leading US brands into new markets - and helping international brands thrive in the US. Our Global Tech Talk panelists will discuss:

• Prioritizing ecommerce technology investments that support different global expansion models
• Finding the right balance between operational investments (e.g., global payments, cross-border platforms and Intn’l logistics) and revenue-driving customer experience-centric technologies
• Localization, customer acquisition and engagement tactics – and country-by-country variances
• Selecting the right partners in different international markets

, Director, Global Sales
, Corra
, President and CEO
, Charles & Colvard
, Head of Global Supply Chain Planning & Operations
, YETI Coolers
, Global eCommerce Business Development
, Worldpay

11:15 - 12:00pm

Based on the key findings from the NRF-GELF research study and take-aways from the morning’s executive panels, attendees will break into group discussions to share experiences, concerns and POVs on current and future globalization strategies. Each group will explore:

• Where and how their international customers are shopping now – and how shopping is evolving
• Right-sizing expectations (or concerns) about the digital/ecommerce expertise of international distribution and reselling partners
• Dealing with channel conflict with incumbent regional distributors and retailers outside the U.S.
• Organizational alignment and leadership challenges to growing international ecommerce channels while balancing legacy sales channel relations
• Innovations on the horizon (and priorities) pertaining to selling via international marketplaces and direct-to-consumer sites

Approximately 30-minute discussions will be followed by a table spokesperson sharing their group’s ideas during the balance of the workshop.

GELF’s morning speakers and partner team will help facilitate the workshop.

, Co-Founder
, Managing Director
, Luxasia Pte. Ltd.