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Innovation Lab

Prepare to have your mind blown! Unveiling the latest in technology innovation, hence the name, Innovation Lab, is an immersive experience showcasing futuristic technology through 4 unique areas: each focusing on a different segment of the shopping journey (Awareness, Consideration, Engagement & Transactions, Logistics and Loyalty). Chat up startup founders about how their technologies will transfer from the lab to the showroom and beyond.

2018 Participating Companies

Companies are arranged in 4 separate areas based off of the customer's shopping journey - Awareness, Consideration, Engagement & Transaction and Logisitics & Loyalty.


Intelligent attention-grabbing tools to help brands and retailers entice new customers.


Visualization and customization tech that enables confident, right-sized purchase decisions.

Engagement & Transaction

Tech-powered convenience and personalization tools that deepen brand connections and enable frictionless checkout.

Logisitics &

Next-gen tools and robotics to streamline operations, drive repeat business, and build brand loyalty.