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Our mission is to enable retailers to capture new growth opportunities and NEVER MISS A SALE by delivering a unified, personalized shopping experience across all channels - in-store, online, anytime, everywhere. Our cloud-based unified commerce platform includes features such as order management, merchandising and inventory management, digital POS & Mobile POS, Clienteling, CRM and retail analytics and is available in SaaS or on-premise.

Retail Deep

Booth # IL27


RetailDeep is a facial integration platform designed for retailers to recognize, engage and monetize customers as they walk into the stores. They offer a turnkey solution that fully integrates facial recognition with existing POS and E-commerce data, telling you who the customer is, what they've bought and other key insights.


Booth # SZ40


Amazing Things Happen When The Right People Connect

In the future, businesses won't just sell products and services. They'll provide seamless solutions to their clients, on a simple communication interface.