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Digital Advertising Agency

Adlucent, LLC

Booth # 531


Adlucent, an AMP Agency Company, is a performance-driven digital marketing agency with 16+ years experience creating highly customized digital campaigns that generate cross-channel conversions while also reducing total p


Booth # 705


FuelX is the leading commerce indexing company. Our technology leverages real-time data processing and machine learning to predict online shopping behaviors and to drive conversions for the brands that use our digital advertising platform.


Booth # IL9


Seek is an augmented reality company that focuses on making AR easy for everyone—publishers, brands, and consumers. Seek’s newest product, SeekView, makes app-less AR a reality. Through SeekView technology, brands can enable AR viewing of their products directly from their website.

Trade'EM Inc.

Booth # 622


We provide digital gift cards, punch cards, and promotional items that users can use, gift, or trade.  The secret is to get what you want and gift or trade what you don't. 

Yes Lifecycle Marketing

Booth # 922


Yes Lifecycle Marketing provides solutions and services that orchestrate insights-driven, real-time, relevant communications across all marketing channels. Our mission is to help you get more customers to say "yes" to your brand with the help of our marketing service teams, robust data and advanced technology. This holistic approach empowers marketers to source a full service and technology offering from a single vendor to drive engagement and build brand advocacy with consumers.