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Marketing Analytics

Cheetah Digital

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Cheetah Digital is an enterprise cross-channel marketing technology company that helps marketers manage their data for better decision-making, send messages to customers to increase revenue, and that provides professional services expertise to execute complex marketing plans at scale. We are a true partner to the world’s best brands, including Williams-Sonoma, American Express and Hilton.


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Custora, the leading cloud-based retail customer intelligence platform, helps retailers drive incremental revenue by making better use of their customer data.


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Dor’s proprietary thermal-based, self-calibrating hardware delivers accurate data, regularly outperforming camera-based solutions. As Dor runs on batteries and connects to a secure, out-of-the-box cellular network, it requires a fraction of the investment and time to deploy of other solutions, enabling companies to get the data they need quickly and affordably.

Compared to traditional camera-based solutions, Dor delivers industry-leading accuracy with 90% less cost and 95% less time to deploy.


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Emarsys is the largest independent marketing platform company in the world. Our software enables truly personalized, one-to-one interactions between marketers and customers across all channels — building loyalty, enriching the customer journey, and increasing revenue.


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What is Inflow?

Simply put, Inflow is an award-winning eCommerce digital marketing agency.
We’re specialists.
We work only with eCommerce companies, and we only do marketing.

Maven Wave

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Maven Wave is a technology consulting firm and Google Cloud Premier Partner focused on enterprise cloud and digital transformation. Maven Wave's areas of expertise include machine learning, data analytics, application development, enterprise collaboration, and cloud migration. By demonstrating technical proficiency and through proven success, Maven Wave has achieved the Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Enterprise Collaboration Partner Specializations in the Google Cloud Partner Program. Maven Wave’s digital solutions are agile, mobile, rooted in analytics, and built in the cloud.