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EXPO Tours (separate registration required) - SOLD OUT!

Friday, September 14
Room 2801, Venetian-Sands Expo
EXPO Tours (separate registration required) - SOLD OUT!

Separate registration required. Open to retailers only.

Sign up for tours when you register for 2018 or through the dashboard after registration has been completed.

These specially-curated tours help you explore exhibitors based on the toughest business challenges facing retailers today.  Choose from the following tours:

Marketing Awareness, Acquisition and Analytics
What customers want today is a product or service they value from a seller they trust. Meet with vendors who help retailers use analytics to create awareness that result in customer acquisition.

Future Tech: Blockchain, AR/VR and more
Blockchain’s initial potential in retail is to assist in supply chain/logistics and for transparency. AR &VR is already enabling 3D product visualization for retail. See what it will take to utilize these technologies in retail today.