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EXPO Tours (separate registration required) - SOLD OUT!

Friday, September 14
Room 2801, Venetian-Sands Expo
EXPO Tours (separate registration required) - SOLD OUT!

Separate registration required. Open to retailers only.

Sign up for tours when you register for 2018 or through the dashboard after registration has been completed.

These specially-curated tours help you explore exhibitors based on the toughest business challenges facing retailers today.  Choose from the following tours:

Seamless Customer Experience, Omnichannel and Beyond
If your customers are not getting a seamless Omnichannel experience on all channels you may not be engaging them. Learn what it takes to connect with consumers on all devices and in the store.

Marketing Awareness, Acquisition and Analytics
What customers want today is a product or service they value from a seller they trust. Meet with vendors who help retailers use analytics to create awareness that result in customer acquisition.

Future Tech: Blockchain, AR/VR and more
Blockchain’s initial potential in retail is to assist in supply chain/logistics and for transparency. AR &VR is already enabling 3D product visualization for retail. See what it will take to utilize these technologies in retail today.