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Looking to the future: Key technologies and mindsets

Friday, September 14
American Express Stage, Hall D, Venetian-Sands Expo
Looking to the future: Key technologies and mindsets

8:45 – 9:00am – Winners of the Innovation Awards

Winners from the first Innovation Awards will be announced on the main stage by Martine Reardon, Former CMO, Macy's.  Winners will include 4 category winners from the Innovation Lab, 1 winner from the Startup Zone, and 1 Attendee Choice Award selected by attendees voting in the mobile app. 

9:00 - 9:30am – Innovating for tomorrow: The power of purpose and a customer-first mindset

CVS Pharmacy is setting itself on a path to transform the customer journey and develop industry leading innovation shaped by this customer-centric vision. Hourican will share his strategic vision—imparting insight and experiences spanning from his early days in retail to his newest role as President of CVS Pharmacy, including the importance of delivering on customer expectations that are evolving as rapidly as the retail environment.

9:30 - 10:00am A retailer's guide to blockchain

Head back to your office with a new level of confidence talking about blockchain, how it works and - most importantly - why it matters for our industry. PwC will provide a primer on the technology, cover major areas of impact within retail, and highlight some early winners so you have implementable ideas and a short list of who to watch for what’s next in this rapidly evolving conversation.

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, EVP, CVS Health, and President
, CVS Pharmacy
, New Services and Emerging Tech Leader
, PwC
, @ScottLikens
, Former CMO
, Macy's, Inc.