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Marketplace mania - Why it matters

Friday, September 14
Room 2301, Venetian-Sands Expo
Marketplace mania - Why it matters
Online marketplaces are booming, and revenues are expected to double in five years. Shoppers love marketplaces because they can compare products and prices all in one place and buy multiple products from numerous brands. Understandably, everyone now wants a piece of the action. How are established marketplaces maintaining their edge? What strategies do merchants and brands have up their sleeve? We answer these questions and more as we explore the future of marketplaces.
, Vice President, Principal Analyst
, Forrester Research
, @smulpuru
, VP, Communications
, Etsy
, @msdoyley
, EVP, Business Development
, Macy's Inc.
, @macys
, General Manager, Retail
, Lovepop Cards
, @lovepop