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In-store technologies that are making a difference

Thursday, September 13
Room 2303, Venetian-Sands Expo
In-store technologies that are making a difference
With so many technologies already in the field, and exponentially more about to enter the market, what is right for you? This rapid-fire session will cover in-store technologies that are raising the stakes and delivering on the metrics you care about: driving traffic, converting sales and increasing revenue. You'll hear what it is, what it does, what products it’s best suited for, and why retailers are loving it.
, CEO and Co-Founder
, The Science Project
, @JeremyBergstein
, Director and Founder, Innovation Lab
, The Neiman Marcus Group, Inc.
, Dir., Global Retail Operations Strategy
, Kate Spade
, @katespadeny
, CEO and Founder
, Brickwork
, Perch Interactive
, @trevorsumner