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David Brussin


Founder and Executive Chairman
Monetate, Inc.
David Brussin is an entrepreneur and innovator whose career has been dedicated to helping marketers succeed in the digital world. In 1996, David co-founded InfoSec Labs, which helped large enterprises move safely into ecommerce and online marketing in the early days of the commercial Internet. Following the success of InfoSec Labs, he co-founded ePrivacy Group, developing technology that allowed marketers to use email to build strong customer relationships, and TurnTide, a technology that protected the value of the email channel by attacking spam in a new and effective way.

David founded Monetate with David Bookspan in 2008 to help online marketers fulfill the long-held promise of using Big Data to get the right experience in front of the right customer at the right time. David collaborates regularly with Monetate customers to understand their challenges and evolve Monetate products to best meet their needs. He is dedicated to shaping and preserving the culture that makes Monetate one of Pennsylvania's "Best Places to Work."

David serves on the Board of Directors of, the world’s leading professional association for digital retailers. He also served on the Board of Directors of Invite Media from 2007 until its acquisition by Google in 2010. He is a published author, holds several patents on his inventions, and is an avid adventurer and hobbyist.

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