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Tony Flanery-Rye


Sr. Director, Growth Analytics
Tony Flanery-Rye is the Senior Director of Growth Analytics for eBay. He leads a team of analytics professionals providing actionable insights, experimental design, and financial frameworks, across multiple digital channels, including search, social, display, CRM, and affiliate networks. His focus is bringing order and insight to the millions of pieces of unstructured data from service contracts, customer data and usage, keywords, page views, and site actions.

Tony holds a Master’s Degree in Finance from Seattle University and has more than 20 years of experience across hospitality, telecom, travel, and retail. He serves as a mentor and board member for the Seattle University Master of Science in Business Analytics program.

He is a member of the Facebook Measurement Council, which is a cross-industry group of analytics professionals driving standardization and innovation across Facebook and other companies. His expertise spans customer analytics, web analytics, pricing, software development, data science, test design and measurement, and operations.

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Thursday Sep 13
3:45 - 4:15 PM
Room 2305, Venetian-Sands Expo
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