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Tushar Adya


President and COO
Dylan's Candy Bar
Tushar Adya is the President & COO of Dylan’s Candy Bar. Tushar has been with Dylan’s since early 2013, prior to which he was a Partner at Lotus Capital, a boutique private equity firm based in New York. Tushar spent several years in consulting at McKinsey & Co. as a leader in the CPG & Retail practice before he left as an Associate Partner to move into the private equity role. Tushar has spent his entire career in the CPG and retail space advising, building, and scaling businesses. In his current role at Dylan’s Candy Bar, Tushar has been focused on transforming the business to be a global omni-channel player with e-commerce and wholesale partnerships as the fastest sources of growth.

Dylan’s Candy Bar was founded in 2001 by Dylan Lauren with a mission to awaken the creative spirit and inner child in everyone. Renowned for merging the worlds of art, fashion and pop culture with candy, Dylan’s Candy Bar is the pioneer in changing the way we see candy today. As the largest state-of-the-art sweets emporium and candy lifestyle brand, Dylan’s Candy Bar is not your average “candy store.” The modern day candy land is home to over 7,000 candies from around the world, making it the most popular destination for the ultimate sugar rush experience.

Dylan’s Candy Bar freestanding stores are currently located across major cosmopolitan cities in the U.S. as well as luxury boutiques in premier hotels, international airports, and leading department stores. Dylan’s Candy Bar plans to continue expanding its omnichannel presence across the U.S. and markets worldwide.

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Thursday Sep 13
11:00 - 11:30 AM
Room 2305, Venetian-Sands Expo

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