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What We're About is changing how retailers, vendors and anyone in the business of innovation come together to win for the consumer. At this event, you’ll explore every topic to optimize your business for right now, while the brightest, cutting-edge startups cover technology that will prepare your business for the future.

Hosted by the National Retail Federation, is leading the charge in revolutionizing retail, bringing together the most elite group of international business leaders to drive exceptional businesses that redesign the customer experience. With cutting-edge content, trailblazing discussions and superior networking opportunities, we’ll co-create the future of retail.


Be Inspired

Our speakers are visionary business leaders that candidly discuss change, technology, customer engagement and how to problem-solve with a digital mindset.

Expand Your Network

Special networking events connect you with people who do what you do, so you can share common challenges and bounce ideas off each other.

Immerse Yourself in New Tech

Our expanded Innovation Lab features 4 unique areas full of futuristic products and technologies that you didn’t even know existed yet.

Find the Right Solutions

Meet with cutting-edge Exhibitors through NRF Matchmaking and embark on an EXPO Tour to find the best solutions that'll help you redesign the retail experience for consumers in a bold new way.

Watch Live Podcasts

The Podcast Studio features well-known industry speakers, tech innovators and retail experts who specialize in fashion, digital and technology.

Become an expert

When you get back to the office, you'll be the go-to person for knowledge on AI-powered commerce, blockchain, mobile innovation and more.